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Summit CAD

 Steven Hatheway, owner of Summit Consulting and Architectronic Design (Summit CAD), offers clients the best comprehensive and creative computer-aided design services. Summit CAD is a flexible company that has contributed to a range of drafting projects from machinery parts to apartment buildings. With a long history in carpentry and drafting, Steve has an extensive understanding of the building process and this knowledge contributes to his beautiful and quality designs.


Whether he’s working on drawings for a dream home or a commercial building, Steve is able to collaborate with clients to deliver the results they’re looking for. Using most resent version of Chief Architect design software, Summit CAD can create virtual designs together with the client and will present photo-realistic renditions of both the interior and exterior of a finished building before clients need to commit to any particular plan. Working with Summit CAD is an interactive process. The result is satisfied customers who feel that their needs have been acknowledged and their goals have been met.

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Summit CAD is located in Cranbrook B.C., but the company has done designs across Canada as well is in the United States and around the world. Steve is able to connect with his clients either remotely or in the comfort of their own living rooms. Summit CAD works together with its clients to implement their ideas together with the company’s expansive expertise for the best possible results. For those unfamiliar with the design process, Steve takes the time to ensure that they understand the important technical aspects of drafting. For clients who already know what they’re looking for in a building, Steve can quickly and effectively finish the design. He’s also able to provide a customer with relevant material so they develop a more concrete concept that fits with their needs. Consulting can be an important part of creating a design with a client and is another piece of the process that Summit is able to provide.


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Anyone who lives in the East Kootenays is probably familiar with some of Summit CAD’s commercial work. Rayco Steel and the East Kootenay Community Credit Union are projects he’s contributed to Sparwood, Elkford, Fernie, Jaffray, Wasa, Invermere, Creston, and Golden BC. In Cranbrook, The Heidout Restaurant and Brewhouse, the Mosaic Centre and the Playpen are examples of Summit CAD design. The company also regularly works together with engineers and various contracting companies to provide exceptional drafting results.


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Steve anticipates engaging with the concepts, resources and materials that his clients bring to the table. Often these ideas bring an imaginative twist to a design. Regardless, Summit’s virtual process can help create a design that fits the budget and functionality needs that were expressed. One of Summit CAD’s strengths is its ability to truly listen and then to deliver solid results. The client will have a very tangible idea, through virtual imaging, of what the finished project will look like, right down to cabinets and detailing. From there the plans go into layouts which are then sent straight to permitting.


Steve enjoys both the creative and technical-knowledge aspects of the design process. Overall, however, he most enjoys interacting with his customers and helping them make their dreams a reality. Whether it’s a family home or a business location, the building process is a big step that involves a variety of important decisions. Working with Summit will provide clients with the ability to be an active and involved part of their own design.


Steve looks forward to working with you on your building. With a reputation for satisfied customers and exceptional design, Summit CAD can offer the ideal drafting and design solution for any project. Please contact Summit CAD to discuss a design that will be the right one for Summit Consulting and Architectronic Design (Summit CAD), located in the beautiful East Kootenay’s, uses the latest in virtual design software to take care of all your building designing and drafting needs. The technology allows clients to take a virtual tour of their building before ever breaking ground. Dream it, Design it, Build it.

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